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3 Hidden Conservatory Costs

5 Hidden Conservatory Costs

You may not have though about these 3 hidden conservatory costs

It’s pretty easy to get distracted and temporarily only pay attention to the “headline” cost of a new conservatory. However, the excitement of ordering a brand new conservatory can easily turn to frustration if the costs start building up.

Going over budget is a very common occurrence in any construction project. So to help you avoid a few potential pitfalls, here are 5 hidden conservatory costs that could sneak up on you.

1) The Initial stages

3 Hidden Conservatory CostsGood foundations are essential. Make sure you have budgeted for the right type.  If there are pipes or sewers that have to be built over or moved, the costs can quickly escalate.

Site access – what about getting the builders in & out. Skip hire for any debris, is it included in the quote or do you have to pay extra?

Will you need planning permission? Check first before building.  If needed, will the contractor handle it or do you have to do it yourself. You can expect it to take time & money if you need planning permission.

What about neighbour consultation? Will you have to comply – see more here:

2) Outfitting your conservatory

  • Have you remembered to include all the costs of decoration & furnishing?
  • You should also confirm what is being included in the cost of the work. How many lights, power sockets etc?
  • What about the flooring? What type of flooring is included, if any. You could be left with just bare concrete.
  • Heating – what about keeping warm in winter, cool in summer.  Radiators & plumbing etc are not free! (there’s a good article here: Should You Fit Underfloor Heating in a Conservatory?).

3) Finishing off

It’s likely that there will have been a decent amount of disruption to your garden – and it may need re-landscaping. How much of this “making good” is included in your quote?

You may want (or need) some kind of small patio or hard-standing just outside the patio doors. Is this included in the quote or do you have to budget for material & labour for this?

Confirm the details of the “workmanship” warranty – who does what & who pays for what, if there are any future issues during the warranty period.


Take the time to think the project through in as much detail as you can beforehand. Proper planning prevents many unexpected expenses.  It can serve you well to start at a conservatory costs quote comparison site like

Good luck